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My name is Stephen Thwaites, I am a doctor with a clinic specializing in Osteopath Chiropractor in Bondi Junction Sydney. With over 25 years experience in treating a wide range of problems no doubt similar to the one that has lead you into checking out

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My speciality is in treating problems of the neuro muscular skeletal system to put that simply it means problems with nerves, muscles, bones and joints. You may currently be suffering discomfort in one or several areas of your body. Back pain, neck pain, headaches, sciatica are often the results of faulty posture, poor body alignment and repetitive actions due to the stresses of daily living. Many of these conditions result in inflammation and are associated with pain caused by pressure and irritation of nerves.

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I would like to tell you that you are in the right place , the good news is my clinic has the most excellent track record in achieving quick results in pain relief in the type of condition that you are likely to be experiencing right now. Please don’t delay I urge you to pick up the phone, I am more than happy to take time out to personally discuss any issues that you may be having and how my clinic may best help you. I hope to see you soon and I would like to add you to my long list of satisfied and happy patients.

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